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A “Consultant” in Coral plays a distinct role, serving as an expert or professional providing specialized guidance and support services. Consultants contribute insights and strategic advice across various domains, including focus groups, brand programs, and government initiatives, as outlined in Coral's consulting services.

Their external expertise enhances Coral's operations, ensuring informed decision-making and strategic alignment with industry standards and best practices. While Creators focus on the creative aspects of content generation, Consultants bring strategic depth to Coral's endeavors, collectively contributing to the achievement of Coral's overarching goals.


A “Creator” within Coral are individuals with creative expertise encompassing art direction, styling, photography, copywriting, video production, or a combination of these skills. Their role is pivotal in contributing to the collaborative's content creation initiatives, aligning their creative output with Coral's mission.

Creators actively participate in crafting materials for diverse purposes, including promotional campaigns, influencer marketing, and educational content, thereby fostering a community-driven environment within Coral.



A "Maker" at Coral refers to an individual with hands-on skills and expertise in crafting or creating physical products. Makers contribute to the collaborative by actively engaging in the production and development of items, often through upcycling or repurposing materials. They play a crucial role in the process of transforming discarded or unused items into new, innovative products.


Makers within Coral may bring various skills to the table, such as craftsmanship, design, and the ability to work with diverse materials. Their hands-on approach contributes to the creation of unique and sustainable products aligned with Coral's focus on environmental responsibility.

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