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Scrapiy (Scrap-it-Yourself) is a reuse platform that provides education and tools to repurpose and upcycle products.

We are enhancing the Circular Economy by extending the life cycle of products that would otherwise be discarded. Through Reuse, Upcycling and Repurposing, we provide the opportunity to extend the life cycle of products, reduce the use of resources and open new product channels while strengthening brand equity and community relationships.

The Circular Economy requires that the established mindset of brands and the consumer be changed. This can only be achieved by new ideas designed to extend the life of a product. Our Collaborating Creators instruct on upcycling. Our Partner Brands promote the need and ability to attain this goal. Our Affiliated Makers and Businesses implement projects that the do-it-yourself community can’t manage. Scrapiy’s evolving journey across multiple industries is achieved by inspiring prosumers to innovate – building the Creators Economy for Reuse.


Coral offers comprehensive consulting, marketing, and promotional support for Scrapiy across three key areas: Focus Groups, DIY Education, and Marketing & Promotion.

Focus Groups: targeted cohorts of 6-10 creators evaluates reuse product feasibility and marketability, providing valuable insights on marketing and promotion strategies.

DIY Education: Scrapiy benefits from a diverse community of creators with skills ranging from art direction to video production, enhancing content quality. Coral fosters a supportive community that fuels creativity, and through educational content development, Scrapiy gains valuable insights and fosters a community around its brand.

Marketing & Promotion: Coral strategically collaborates with creators for authentic promotion. This includes diverse content creation, cross-promotion initiatives, influencer marketing campaigns, collaborative projects, and live events. Feedback sessions, strategic alignment, and a supportive community further contribute to Scrapiy's success in the upcycling and sustainability space.

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